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commercial Commercial Services
Commercial electrical repair & maintenance projects require more expertise than a typical home electrical repair project. Commercial electricians are used to dealing with higher voltage systems and these systems require specialized training.

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residential Residential Services
We have a team of electricians in Capital Electric & Energy Solutions who can deliver high quality and efficient electrical services. Our electrical repair division tackles projects relating to wiring, installation and repair.
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green-energy Green Energy
One method of becoming more energy efficient is to invest in renewable energy sources. Not only does renewable energy sources serve to better protect the environment, but it can also protect one’s wallet as renewable energy can help save finances.

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About Us

25 Years of Experience
All our electricians meet the highest standards of professional experience. Don't trust the safety of your employees and customers to anyone. We have over 25 years of experience, bonded, licensed and insured.
Certified Professionals
At Capital Electric, we screen all of our technicians before we send them out on any job, to ensure they have all applicable licenses and certifications. So whether it's your home or business, we have experianced professionals that can saftly handle the most mission critical projects.
We Work with you
We have worked over many years and have gotten better and better. We're a local company that knows Hawaii, experanced with working with our island's residence and businesses.  You should call us and see why Capital Electric & Energy Solutions, LLC is one Hawaii's most trusted companies.

Having a commercial electrical repair and maintenance service company on call is a necessity for any business.  Especially for tenant improvement projects. Commercial electrical repair & maintenance projects require more expertise than a typical home electrical repair project.  Commercial electricians are used to dealing with higher voltage systems and these systems require specialized training.

Nearly every system and device in a business runs on electricity including signage, telephone systems, computers systems, networks, lighting, air conditioning, and the list goes on.  Simply put, if you don’t have electricity, you’re not in business.

With this in mind, the quality of electrical work performed for your business has a direct effect on the functionality of your business, as well as the aesthetics.

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We were very satisfied with the PV system installed by Capital Electric. The communication and coordination was very professional. The quality of work was first class and installers were friendly and helpful.”
Bryson Saiki
Thank you for helping us build our dream house. It was a difficult process and many times we felt like giving up, however there were people and companies like yours that helped to push us forward. Thank you, best wishes and God bless.”
Mr. Yuh described over the phone to us various projects he had been involved with in Hawaii. He gave us a quote over the phone based on the problem we described, He sounded very knowledgeable, and he turned out to be very knowledgeable; he really knew his job. He came over when he said he would and even went out and purchased the material needed because he realized we were ill. We cannot recommend highly enough.”
Mildred H.

Questions ?

What is a master electrician?

The designation “master” is only given to electricians who can prove extensive job knowledge and are formally tested to have an extensive understanding of the electrical safety code. Only a master electrician can pull the permits with the electrical authority and can only be registered with one electrical contracting company at any one time.


How can I lower my electric bill?

Lowering your electric bill is not a one-time fix. You must first change your daily habits. Be sure to turn off all lights or electrical devices not in use when leaving a room – like TVs. If you have outdoor lighting, install a timer to make sure it is only on when necessary. If you have a heat pump, electric furnace, or air conditioning system, try keeping a consistent thermostat to so your HVAC system runs for shorter periods of time, ultimately reducing the amount of electricity consumed. Lastly, you can also set your thermostat slightly lower in the winter and higher in the summer to reduce HVAC operating time.


Do I need to worry about outlets that don’t work?

It sounds overly simple, but a lot of us overlook wall switches—particularly if we’ve just moved into a home. Try a little test. Plug a small lamp into a working outlet and unplug it with the switch still on. Then plug it into the outlet that isn’t working. Look for wall switches in the room (there may be more than one). Try turning the wall switch on. You may find the answer to your problem (and don’t be embarrassed—we’ve all done this!). If there are no wall switches try all the other outlets in the room and if there’s no tripped circuit in your breaker box you should give us a call so we can check to see if there’s a short somewhere in the system.


How do I reset my circuit breaker?

First, look for the breaker that’s set in the middle. Then flip the breaker all the way off. You should feel a slight resistance as the spring inside resets. After you feel this, turn the breaker back on. Your power should be restored. In case the breaker doesn’t reset, call us and we’ll troubleshoot the problem for you.


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